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Karel Duyck was born in Kortrijk Belgium, schooled in Ghent (HIGRO & St-Lucas Institute) where he learned the art of VIDEOMAKING and PHOTOGRAPHY. Thanks to his sports carreer (Four times World Champion Biathlon in Quebec CANADA 2005, Adelaide AUSTRALIA 2007, Vancouver CANADA 2009 and New York USA 2011) he was lucky to travel around the globe and take the passion of photography and film where ever the Games took him. 



Karel wrote articles for the great and popular "Icreate-magazine"  and started a small (video) production house in 2008, called Earth Global Media Creations (

He explored the world of filming art, videoclips, industry, events, etc...

Personal highlights include creations with Milk Inc. (Regi Penxten & Linda Mertens), Kate Ryan, Tanja Dexters, Lesley-Ann Poppe, Pamela Anderson, the Rombouts adventures in Brazil, etc,...




He turned his sights on  photography in 1990's but due to many filmprojects though, photography was only a small sigment of his bussy life till 2013. Portfolio Art was born.

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